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THE BOOK: Daniel — #mrccc3perday

Monday, August 13th, 2018
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God did amazing things through Daniel.  Daniel is one of the strongest and most consistent of Biblical characters.  Through great trial or great prosperity, Daniel pursued, not his own desires, but the will of God!  How?  Because his soul was well fed!  Though he was incredibly busy with great responsibilities... Daniel fed his soul as often in a day as we feed our bodies.  If we are spiritually weak, maybe it's because our souls are malnourished and starving.  Let's change that!

EZEKIEL pt 2: “Hope!”

Tuesday, August 7th, 2018
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Do you feel hopeless?  After 587 BC, the city of Jerusalem and Solomon's temple were no more.  Death and destruction was on every side.  Judgment had fallen.  The need back then was hope for God's disciplined and humbled people... and Ezekiel delivered in such a way that he still gives hope that blows us away today!  This isn't ancient history... this is YOUR STORY!  

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